Open Positions

Positions as PostDoc, PhD, or Master Student

We welcome applications of motivated PostDocs, PhD students, and Master students interested in Computer Vision and Machine Learning at the faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Statistics at LMU.
Do you want to continue our research on Stable Diffusion, VQGAN, etc. for visual synthesis or are you interested in Deep Metric Learning?
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To nicely blend into our team you should be highly motivated, creative, and possess good analytical abilities as well as an open and friendly personality. Strong programming and English skills in speaking and writing and prior practical experience in machine learning and/or computer vision are required.

If you want to join the group, feel free to send an application with

  • your curriculum vitae,
  • your transcript of records,
  • two references (for PostDocs, PhD students), and
  • a short (1-2 pages) statement of research, summarizing your past and future research agenda. The text should highlight the practical expertise that you have gained so far, your future research interests, and why you are passionate about them.

Being an ELLIS member and ELLIS unit faculty, I also host ELLIS PhDs — please send me the above application information on your background in case you want to inquire.

Students from University of Munich interested in an MSc thesis: Our goal has always been to actively integrate MSc students into our research team. Consequently, a number of previous theses have resulted in students publishing their results in the top conferences/journals of our field. Please apply with your CV, transcript of records, and a short summary of your (practical) experience in learning and or vision and related areas, so we can check for suitable projects. Feel free to explain and motivate any research directions that you are interested in.

Please send your email to applications.mvl (at) lrz (dot) uni-muenchen (dot) de

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Master thesis or HiWi position on a Data Analytics Project

Besides the regular thesis topics in CV & ML mentioned above, there is also an opening for a student assistant or thesis on large scale data analytics on non-visual data. For this project solid programming skills and a knowledge of statistics are key and you should be eager to be involved in large scale data acquisition and analysis.

Please apply by email to applications.mvl (at) lrz (dot) uni-muenchen (dot) de and also provide information on your studies so far and the experience you have gained.